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Oral Statements delivered at the UN Human Rights Council

FI statements during the 24th session of the UN Human Rights Council

  1. Burkina
  2. Cameroon
  3. Columbia
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo (children in armed conflict)
  5. Germany
  6. Brazil (Indigenous peoples)
  7. Philippines (Indigenous peoples and mining)
  8. Sri Lanka
  9. Tuvalu
  10. Fracking
  11. Human Rights in the administration of justice

FI statements during 23rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

  1. UPR France
  2. UPR Romania
  3. UPR Burundi
  4. Freedom of Expression in Papua (joint statement)
  5. Legal and regulatory Framework for Mining in Brazil (joint statement)
  6. The role of the UN System in advancing the Business and Human Rights agenda (joint statement)
  7. Participation publique et pauvreté extrême (déclaration conjointe)
  8. Access to education for Afro-Peruvians (joint statement)
  9. Trafficking of women and children (joint statement)
  10. Cooperation with UPR Mechanism (1st joint statement)
  11. Cooperation with UPR Mechanism (2nd joint statement)

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UPR Argentina

PDF (english) of oral satement
Oral statement, english
PDF (spanish) of oral statement
Oral statement, espanol

Franciscans International (FI) encouraged the Government of Argentina to respect the rights indigenous peoples to participation and consultation, which should be implemented in compliance with ILO Convention 169. FI regretted that the current policy efforts in Argentina do not adequately address these issues, particularly with respect to the granting of communal land titles and the guarantee of property and participation rights.

UPR Benin

PDF (french) of oral satement
Déclaration orale, français

Franciscans International (FI) a attiré l’attention du Conseil des droits de l’homme en mars 2013 sur le phénomène de l’infanticide rituel. FI est encore très préoccupé par ces pratiques consistant à tuer ou exclure de la société des enfants dont les naissances sont considérées comme anormales. FI a demandé au gouvernement du Bénin de renforcer la protection des enfants survivants à travers l’amélioration des capacités existantes, la construction de centres d'accueils et la protection juridique et sociale adéquate des enfants et des mères harcelées et discriminées par ces pratiques.

UPR Pakistan

PDF (english) of oral satement
Oral statement, english

Many children in Pakistan are deprived of their right to education, due to insufficient funds to provide compulsory primary education, the gender imbalance against girls and discrimination against children from religious, ethnic and scheduled caste minorities. Franciscans International (FI) also noted its concern that corporal punishment still remains rampant in schools throughout the country. Therefore, FI urged the Government of Pakistan to implement a new curriculum that ensures that children, especially girls and children from religious and ethnic minorities are not discriminated against.

UPR Peru

PDF (english) of oral satement
Oral statement, english
PDF (spanish) of oral statement
Oral statement, espanol

Franciscans International (FI) urged the Government of Peru to ensure that the activities of mining and extractive industries do not challenge the health and livelihoods of local communities and that indigenous peoples and peasant communities should be involved in the implementation and planning of mining projects, with transparency and access to information in the evaluation of the impact of projects aimed at eradicating poverty.

Impact of mining on Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia

PDF of oral statement
Oral statement, english

Franciscans International (FI) endorsed the view of the UN Independent Expert on human rights and environment on the particular risk of the environmental damage for the indigenous peoples caused by the extractive business activities. FI proposed the Independent Expert to focus his work on the impact of extractive industry, logging and agribusiness to the full enjoyment of human rights, especially the vulnerable groups and the state obligations to guarantee the right to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

Human Rights Situation in Papua

PDF of the oral statement
Oral statement, english

A wave of persecution against political activists under the cover of anti-terrorism measures since summer 2012 has resulted in arbitrary arrests and fabrication of charges with the aim to silence political activists and human rights defenders in the Papuan provinces of Indonesia. Franciscans International (FI) urged the Government of Indonesia to actively engage into the peaceful dialogue under neutral mediation as demanded to Jakarta by Papuan peace activists and non-indigenous residents in the Papuan provinces as a way to find a sustainable solution for all people living in Papua.