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UN Human Rights Council (HRC)

The Human Rights Council (HRC) sits three times a year at the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Switzerland. During these sessions, civil society organisations (CSOs) like FI have the opportunity to deliver both written and oral statements to the Council to raise key human rights isses and concerns. Such contributions are made during general debates on specific human rights themes and during the adoption of the outcome reports of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). 

The HRC also affords CSOs the opportunity to hold "side events", or meetings and workshops on the topics being discussed in the Council. These meetings provide a platform for civil society, UN member states and other stakeholders to discuss in greater depth the issues in focus at the HRC, and share their knowledge, experience and recommendations for action.

FI works closely with Franciscans and partners at the grassroots, as well as other civil society actors in Geneva, to gather first-hand information on issues of injustice. Whenever possible, FI brings Franciscans to present oral statements and to lobby diplomats from different countries.