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Resources for Lent

7 Last Words of Jesus

It is during the time of Lent that we remember Jesus’ suffering on the cross because he was seen as a threat to the powerful. We can liken this to the continuing suffering that people are still experiencing today worldwide, because of unjust legal structures. 

This booklet invites you to reflect on the 'Seven Last Words of Jesus' in relation to current issues affecting people who are marginalised and to hold them in prayer.

We encourage you to share this booklet within your communities, parishes and work places. 

The prayer booklet is available to download in two different formats:
A5 booklet for printing
Single pages 

Also available in FrenchSpanish, Italian, German, and Chinese.


The Way of the Cross

Franciscans around the world live and work in poverty among those whose human rights are often violated. In the spirit of Saints Francis and Clare, we work to change social structures that perpetuate injustice. In this struggle we experience The Way of the Cross today.

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