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A Franciscan Voice at the United Nations

Advocacy Strategy

FI’s advocacy strategy, delivered through its 2 offices in Geneva and New York, is built around two main pillars:
1. the invaluable input of Franciscans working at grassroots
2. the United Nations policies and activities
FI operates as a bridge between the two contexts.

In this respect, FI uses the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) as the driving mechanism that links grassroots to the United Nations (UN). This strategy is carried out through a rights-based perspective in order to address the root causes of injustices and to find sustainable solutions.

This strategy aims to influence decisions and legislation at international level, and implies negotiations with the UN, with Governments, and other stakeholders, in order to raise political leaders’ awareness.

FI brings together work at the UN and the grassroots

Work at the United Nations

FI was granted 'General Consultative Status' under the United Nations Ecomonic and Social Council in 1995. This allows FI to highlight a wide range of justice issues at the UN on behalf of the Franciscan Family.

Franciscans bring their concerns on issues of injustice to FI that they are unable to address in their country at the local and national level.

FI raises these concerns at the UN in a variety of different ways, to influence decision-makers to make positive change for the poor and most vulnerable.

UN - Geneva

FI uses a variety of human rights mechanisms that are a part of the Human Rights Council (HRC) to address issues of injustice. 

These include:

  • Human Rights Council statements
  • Universal Periodic Review reports and statements
  • Treaty Bodies

UN - New York

The most effective means for FI to advocate is through membership of various UN councils, working groups and NGO working groups at the UN inlcuding:

  • Security Council Non Governmental Organization
  • Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
  • Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD)
  • NGO Committee on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)