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Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

FI actively participates in the Universal Periodic Review which is a UN Human Rights Council mechanism. 

It is used to ensure that all 193 Member States are regularly reviewed on the fulfilment of their human rights commitments and obligations. This process is carried out on a four-year cycle.

UPR cycle

Each country undergoing the process submits a review of their human rights situation. FI, with other NGOs, submits a report in which issues of injustice, possibly not mentioned by the government in question, are tabled for consideration.

Franciscans working in the country provide accurate information on these issues. FI then lobbies other governments to ask questions and make recommendations to the country under review which in turn has to commit to implement these changes withing a certain time frame.

FI then works with the Franciscan in-country to monitor the government's implementation of the recommendations in order to ensure they are fulfilled.