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Vision and Mission


A global community built on Franciscan values, in which the dignity of every person is respected; resources are shared equitably; the environment is sustained; and nations and peoples live in peace.


We are a Franciscan voice at the United Nations protecting the vulnerable, the forgotten, and our wounded earth.

Advocacy Focus

The ministry of Franciscans International at the United Nations flows from its Vision. 

Our priority areas are:

  • Extreme poverty
  • Environment
  • Peace-building

FI addresses these issues from an integrated rights-based approach. To do this FI uses the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) as the primary mechanism for advocacy work at the UN. 

As part of the UPR process, FI solicits issues of concern from Franciscans working at the grassroots, voices these concerns at the UN, and reports back to the Franciscan Family on progress made at the UN, who then in turn monitor these developments at the national level.

FI further supports the Franciscan Family with issue and country-specific workshops relevant to these issues.