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Workshops and Fact Finding Missions

Franciscans International Officer, Sr. Odile Coirier fmm (right) with Franciscans preparing for the UPR on the Solomon Islands

Franciscans International also carries out its thematic programmes through advocacy strategies in the field.

At the invitation of Franciscans working at the grassroots, Franciscans International joins them in their own countries to discuss their concerns about human rights violations. They exchange information on how to use the formal mechanisms of the United Nations, and discuss ways of monitoring and implementing action for justice at the local, national and international level. This might take the form of campaigns, consultations, round table discussions and presentations. 

FI also engages in research and publications, networks with other NGOs on key issues, and organises parallel-events to United Nations meetings on human rights concerns.

FI invites Franciscans to speak at the UN and meet influential decision-makers to bring about positive change.