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Make a Donation

Thank you for supporting the far-reaching work of Franciscans Intenational.

FI is entirely dependent on donations from the Franciscan Family, Donor Agencies, Parishes, and Franciscan Hearted People like you.

It is possible to make a single gift using the payment details below or subscribe to give regularly via "5 for Francis".

We thank you for your donations and your prayers for our shared global ministry.

Ways to Give...

1. Payment by Check

a. Please make checks payable to Franciscans International
b. Post to the nearest Franciscans International Office.

2. Payment by Bank Transfer

Please select appropriate region.

  • Bank in Europe

    Bank in Switzerland

    Acc. name: Franciscans International
    Bank: UBS S.A,Bank No.: 240
    Route de Florissant 59
    CH-1206 Geneva, Swizerland
    CHF IBAN: CH690024024035738401F
    Euro IBAN: CH850024024035738461W
    USD IBAN: CH850024024035738460Z

    Bank in Germany

    Acc. name: Franciscans International
    Bank: Bank fur Orden und Mission
    Acc. No.: 801 789 05
    IBAN: DE31 5109 1700 0080 1789 05

  • Bank in America

    Acc. name: Franciscans International
    Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, 1 UN Plaza, NY, NY 10017, USA
    Acc. no.: 292500458265
    ABA no. 021000021
    Swift (for wirings outside of US territories): CHASU33

3. Payment by Credit Card