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Get Involved

Franciscans International (FI) is a shared global ministry that serves to help the poor and the most vulnerable. Together we can make a difference.

Ways to get involved with FI:

  • Inform FI of injustices that you experience and that cannot only be addressed at local and national level.
  • Share personal experiences and first-hand information on human rights violations to be used to advocate at the UN.
  • Strengthen relations between FI and your parish/community/justice networks
    • Subscribe to the Franciscan Voice e-newsletter and print it out for those without email
    • Invite FI to present in your parish or at your next regional meeting
    • Display FI communications materials in your parish/community
    • Share postal and email addresses of individuals, regional groups and provincial headquarters to help strengthen the international Franciscan network.
    • Help FI to reach more people.
  • Give a donation and encourage your regional group/community to do the same.
  • Volunteer in an FI office.